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12 breathtaking alternatives to the traditional wedding cake

The multi-tier wedding cake has come a long way since it was founded under King Charles II when a French chef created the one we know today. Back then reserved for the grandeur of royal events, it is now a central part of global wedding celebrations – and an industry worth millions.

The symbolic stacking of bread, cakes, and pies hung around for centuries, and baked goods have historically been broken over the bride’s head to ensure prosperity, fertility, and a blessed marriage.

Fortunately, cakes and bread are no longer broken over anyone’s head. In fact, the traditional white wedding cake, which went mainstream after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s wedding in 1840, when sugar became cheaper, is no longer the top priority when it comes to wedding table glory.

From platters of biscotti and brownies to cheese wheels and pork rotunda, brides and grooms are increasingly turning to alternatives for wedding cakes. Here is a selection of the best ideas.

A macaron cake


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