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14 sunflower wedding cake ideas

Decorating a wedding cake with fresh flowers is not a new concept: bakers often add cascading blooms or bold pops of color to the top of a cake by securing fresh flowers that match the overall wedding aesthetic. But how about a bold option like a sunflower? This happy bloom is popping up on more and more cakes, especially at summer and early fall weddings, and we are here for it.

“I think sunflower cakes are perfect for any type of wedding,” says Sammi-Jo Gascoyne, owner of Blushing Cook, a bespoke cake studio in London. “Sunflowers bring so much happiness and joy to people. How could they not be? ”

Meet the expert

Sammi-Jo Gascoyne is the owner of Blushing Cook, best known for developing the Pressed Flower Cake design.

Sunflower wedding cakes are the perfect design for the couple looking to host a rustic wedding. Whether you’re tying the knot with a barn or a farm wedding, or even near a field, sunflowers are a wonderful addition.

Choosing a sunflower wedding cake

How exactly do you add sunflowers to your wedding cake? Well, they can be built in in a lot of different ways. “Sunflowers are edible flowers, so I recommend everyone use fresh sunflowers when they’re in season,” says Gascoyne. “You want to make sure you are getting your flowers from a reputable edible flower grower who won’t spray them with pesticides. Or, better yet, you might have something in your yard that you raised from seeds. ”

Gascoyne often squeezes their sunflowers all the way together for a bespoke, dried floral look. If you prefer fresh sunflowers, you definitely have some leeway there too. “Fresh sunflowers are pretty hardy, so if you add them fresh, I’d say they can last out of the water for some time,” she says. “However, I would always add them fresh in the day. If they’re a little heavy, stick a small wooden dowel or large wooden grill skewer under them to prop it up on your cake. “Sunflowers can also be incorporated into a cake by whistling buttercream flowers or making flowers out of sugar to place on top of the cake.

Ready for some big sunny inspiration with these bold blooms? Read on for 14 of our most popular sunflower wedding cakes.

Are you in the mood for more sunny inspiration? Let yourself be inspired by breathtaking bouquets of sunflowers.


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