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19 cupcake wedding cake ideas

Having cake at a wedding definitely has a long history. But what can a couple do when their wedding plans are looser and no full cake cutting is possible?

Cutting a wedding cake really takes some work and careful calculations to divide the pieces out to all of your avid guests. But cupcake wedding cakes offer the ideal alternative to avoid the clutter while serving a delicious, beautiful cake.

Cupcake wedding cakes are the ideal option when you want to avoid everything that comes with cutting a traditional wedding cake and even eliminate the need for plates and forks. Plus, it’s a fun way to set up a display that really makes a statement.

With so many options for flavors, colors, and ways to showcase those cute mini cakes, cupcake wedding cakes might just be what you need for your wedding. Read on for 19 unique ideas to get your inspiration started.

You can find more alternatives to a classic wedding cake below.


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