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$ 20 wedding cake hack made with Woolworths cake revealed in TikTok video

Anyone planning a wedding will know how expensive the cake can be – costing hundreds of dollars.

But thanks to this Australian mom, you can get yourself a gorgeous wedding cake for as little as $ 20.

Brisbane TikTok user Vanessa Strong has revealed how she used three Woolworths cakes – two chocolate-flavored and one caramel – to make her layered ombre cake.

The bottom two cakes were placed upside down so that it had a flat surface to spread over the buttercream frosting. Another mud cake was placed on top.

Vanessa Strong reveals how she used three Woolies cakes to make her layered ombre cake. Image Credit: TikTok

The original mud cake icing has been scraped off the top and replaced with her own buttercream icing – and various shades of pink and cream icing have also been passed around the sides of the cake.

The glaze is then spread evenly with a spatula to create the ombre effect.

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And you don’t need any extraordinary piping skills to make the cake look luxurious – just add some fake flowers to finish it off.

But if you’re looking for something more, this cake was made with 11 Woolies mud cakes – and a whole load of buttercreams.

The inexpensive wedding cake made from Woolworth’s bought mud cake. Photo credit: Facebook

Not bad for around $ 50.

And since the Woolies mud cake is so loved by Australians everywhere, it’s sure to delight diners – and they probably won’t be the wiser.

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