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5 ways to preserve wedding flowers

For all these beautiful brides who’ve had an unimaginable wedding ceremony not too long ago, we’re positive that saying goodbye to your wedding ceremony flowers could be very tough. However that does not need to be the case. Right now, many newlyweds are searching for methods to make a souvenir out of their flowers in order that they all the time have a little bit of their floral design to remind them of their special occasion. Listed below are 5 methods you can begin storing your wedding ceremony flowers beginning immediately. Your wedding ceremony bouquet can final a very good 5 to 6 years for those who protect your stunning flowers, and here is how!

Tips on how to protect wedding ceremony flowers 101

Nobody needs to say goodbye to their wedding ceremony bouquet, particularly in spite of everything that floral budgeting and the intense effort that went into rigorously choosing every bloom. To protect the floral magnificence that walked you down the aisle, listed below are 5 methods to protect your wedding ceremony flowers so they’ll preserve you firm for a really lengthy and beautiful time.

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1. Squeeze the flowers

This is among the particular methods to protect wedding ceremony flowers and preserve them vivid and fairly like photos for a very long time. To press the flowers in your wedding ceremony bouquet you’ll want to select as many flowers as you want or those you’re keen on essentially the most and which have extra which means to what that day meant to you and put them on clear wax paper unfold rises barely after urgent. Flower professionals suggest arranging them nonetheless you want at this step – as soon as they’re dried and pressed, you possibly can’t manipulate them.

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Due to this fact place the wax paper with the flowers within the pages of a heavy ebook and place one other piece of wax paper on prime to maintain the flowers ink free and shut the ebook. To correctly protect your wedding ceremony flowers, make sure you weigh them down with one thing heavy, like a vase or a number of books. Enable your flowers to dry for seven to 10 days, and as soon as you discover your wedding ceremony flowers are flat and dry, you possibly can organize and body them nonetheless you want.

2. Cling your flowers the wrong way up

This can be a nice solution to protect your wedding ceremony flowers because the intention is to hold them the wrong way up to dry the flowers utterly. Some of the environment friendly methods to protect your wedding ceremony bouquet is to let it air dry.

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For greatest preservation outcomes, hold them the wrong way up in a dry, temperate space, e.g. B. in a cabinet within the hallway. After that, it’s best to let all buds air dry for a minimum of per week or extra, till you discover that they are utterly and utterly dry. Voila! You have got now preserved wedding ceremony flowers that you could organize in a vase or place anyplace you want.

3. Silica gel is a superb choice for preserving wedding ceremony flowers

In case you’re searching for an eye catching solution to protect your wedding ceremony flowers whereas preserving the colour of your flowers, silica gel is for you. It is not actual gel, however porous sand that absorbs water and dries flowers in a single to seven days. That is essentially the most distinctive and particular solution to make your wedding ceremony flowers look nearly the identical as they did on the massive day.

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Type a base of silica gel in an hermetic container and place your buds within the sand and gently pour the silica gel across the petals, being cautious to not have an effect on the form of the flower. While you discover that the container is full to the highest, you possibly can cease pouring the gel and canopy it with a lid. PS: Ensure that the container you employ is hermetic, in any other case your flowers might get moldy from moisture.

4. Make your personal resin paperweight

One other nice but modern solution to protect wedding ceremony flowers is through the use of clear resin. To make a resin paperweight, buy a mildew of the form you need. Subsequent, flower professionals suggest filling the mildew midway with the resin and delicately arranging the flowers within the liquid. Fill it to the brim and let it dry, dry, dry! After eradicating the mildew you might have a good looking outcome with preserved wedding ceremony flowers that may bloom for a really, very very long time.

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5. Flowers and wax make an awesome mixture

Though this type of preservation does not final as a few years because the others, they’re truly preserved for a couple of months, a technique that additionally works and is most well-liked by many. Wax flowers are a approach of preserving wedding ceremony flowers that may prolong the lifetime of your flowers by as much as six months whereas preserving the unique integrity and shade intact. It’s essential soften the wax in boiling water till the liquid is even and easy, and subsequent, take your greatest buds and gently dip them into the wax answer. Pull them out instantly and hold them the wrong way up for the very best and most stunning wedding ceremony flowers.

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