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6 ways to incorporate neutral colors for minimalist wedding decor

Are you looking for a minimalist and simple wedding decor that is not too loud or extra? Try these neutral colors for your wedding color theme and see how you can incorporate these into the wedding decorations.

6 ways to incorporate neutral colors for minimalist wedding decor

Mutes and neutrals work best when planning something low-key, small, and elegant for your wedding. A neutral palette looks beautiful, romantic, and natural. If you believe that less is always more, this shadow card is best for your special day.

Planning a wedding is a daunting task, and when it comes to decoration, you want it to stand out and look your best. We often tend to go overboard with decor, and for people who like a tidy way of life, this isn’t the best way to do it. Here we have some simple and creative ways you can incorporate a neutral color scheme into your wedding decor to make it look classy, ​​chic, sophisticated, and lavish all at the same time.

1. Pick white flowers

This is one of the easiest ways to go for a minimalist wedding decor with neutral tones. Opt for white flowers, roses in your centerpieces or on the stairs. You can combine with white and pastel pink.

2. Opt for brown cloth napkins

Go green and use reusable cloth napkins. Get a warm shade of cloth napkin like beige, tan, or white.

3. Choose beige tablecloth

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Use warm neutrals and try to accommodate them. Opt for a white or beige tablecloth for your chairs and tables. You can add some glitter by using a shimmery cloth on the chairs.

4. Use clear glass vases

Opt for clear glass vases for your floral arrangement that blend easily with the flowers and look elegant.

5. Choose a white wedding cake with no frosting

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The wedding cake is the centerpiece of the decor. So make sure you get a white cake with no frosting and just a simple pale pink floral design.

6. Install candles

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Add some candles to your centerpiece decor. Choose warm neutrals for the candles like beige, pastel colors, cream and white.

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