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8 best florists for London’s dreamiest wedding flowers

JamJar flowers

A wedding day is a joyful occasion, but the months leading up to it can prove to be stressful.

Once you’ve chosen your venue and date, comes the fun but tedious task of deciding on a wedding dress, bridesmaid outfits, reception menus, music … The list goes on.

However, one of the most creative tasks when planning a wedding can be sourcing the best wedding flowers to fill the bridal and bridesmaid’s bouquets, tablecloths, and aisle decorations.

Fortunately, there are plenty of florists in London with experts ready to offer you everything from peonies and roses to ranunculus, peas and hydrangeas.

Here are the best places to find wedding flowers in London:

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Blooming house

Blooming House used to be a pop-up in Chelsea and is now one of London’s most recognizable names in floristry. It has made a name for itself for innovative and fashion conscious designs.

The Swiss-trained master florist Michal Kowalski and his team also focus on sustainability. So when you factor your carbon footprint into planning your big day, make Blooming Home your first port of call.

From breathtaking installations to the most dreamy oversized bouquets of flowers and everything in between, wedding floristry is Michal’s forte. He works with everything from classic roses, delphiniums, and hellebore to wild leaves for nature-loving brides who want an elegant, unvarnished atmosphere.

5 Havelock Terrace, SW8 4AS, London

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Nikki Tibbles at Wild At Heart

We have to admit, we spent hours scrolling through this florist’s Instagram and website during our lunch break – given the wild and affordable wedding bouquets.

Whether it’s a touch of landscape with amaranthus, dahlias and blushing roses, or hydrangeas and peonies to give a slightly Italian feel to a wedding, these florists know exactly what they are doing when it comes to creating bespoke floral designs for the bride and Creating groom.

30 Pimlico Rd, Belgravia, London SW1W 8LJ

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Flower Delivery Service Petalon keeps things simple with wedding flowers and only offers two different types of service.

The first is a wedding package with beautiful bouquets, buttonholes and table flowers that a bride or groom chooses from a menu of one of four color palettes. The second is a bespoke design, be it for flower arches, flower clouds or installations, that includes a personal chat with its experts.

Oh, and did we mention that the flower deliveries are made seven days a week by bike, with the flowers wrapped in Hessian with a small water supply?

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Philippa Craddock

After Craddock designed the flower displays for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding in May 2018, it’s no surprise that Craddock has become one of the most sought-after wedding florists in London. Who can forget that magnificent arch of flowers that adorns the facade of St. George’s Chapel in Windsor?

Craddock and her team have also worked with Dior, and the Victoria & Albert Museum, leading to her being referred to as the “Audrey Hepburn of Florists” by Elizabeth Young, Events Director at Historical Royal Palaces.

Better still, Craddock avoids the use of florist foam (a non-biodegradable plastic product often used in floristry) and works with local growers. When sourcing flowers overseas, her team makes sure the flora comes from fair trade farms. Awareness florists – what more could you want?

Imperial Studios 3/11 Imperial RoadLondonSW6 2AG

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Jam jar flowers

This adorable florist is entering her eleventh year after being started by former modeling agency owner Melissa Richardson (née Alexander) at her kitchen table with collections of wildflowers from the Sussex forests.

Initially, the flower decorations were made in jam jars (hence the name) but have grown into 6,000 hanging decorations such as Sketch in Mayfair and giant mythical creatures made from dried flowers.

When it comes to wedding flowers, Jam Jar Flowers work with seasonal flowers and leaves in arrangements like antique vases, cut glass, and jam jars (of course!).

JamJar Flowers Ltd., 7a Peacock Yard, London SE17 3LH

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Lavender green

Just try not to step inside the dreamy florist this summer night in the heart of Fulham. Over the past 28 years, Lavender Green has become a staple in the quest for flora and foliage, especially for weddings, thanks to its collaborations for the UK’s most famous galleries and museums.

Using photos and mood boards to help curate the look of a couple’s flowery big day, the florists also create a bespoke sketch of the bride holding her bouquet before the wedding to make the desired stems, buds, and leaves more visible do.

46 Fulham Rd, London SW3 6HH

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Rebel rebel

Founded in 2020 by florists Mairead and Athena, the experts have created one of the most famous London spots in London for those who want beautiful flowers to bloom. Rebel Rebel, who has worked with Burberry, Calvin Klein, Dior and Stella McCartney and won the Chelsea In Bloom 2019 Gold Award, is one of the most fashionable brands when it comes to combining creativity, runway and foliage.

The florists create everything from table displays, wall and ceiling hangings, pocket flowers and bouquets for their mainly London-based clientele. They also have a garden and flower school in Tuscany, Italy for those having a sunshine wedding.

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Hayford & Rhodes

Founded in 1924 by traditional luxury florist William Hayford, this flower shop has a long history of satisfying the floral tastes of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the Queen Mother. Let’s just say they’re the crème-de-la-crème.

Since sisters Joanna, Amy and Laura took over the brand and transformed it into Hayford & Rhodes, unique designs have been created for small weddings and even for Ascot.

From the consultation to the wedding anniversary, this company is here to come up with design suggestions, illustrations, floral prints, and a cost breakdown before you head down the aisle.

5 Morocco St, London SE1 3HB

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Simon Lycett

Famed florist Lycett was hired to create some of the most memorable floral displays, including those for the wedding reception of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall and the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.

Lycett’s south London-based florist has taken over a whopping three railway arches between the Oval and Camberwell and has decorated some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, including Claridge’s Ballroom, Hampton Court Palace, Tate Modern, Tower Bridge and Kensington Palace.

If you need a wedding florist who knows their hellebore from their Avignon chrysanthemums, look no further.

Arches 270-272, Bethwin Road, London, SE5 0YW

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