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Wedding Decor

A wedding decoration as magical as a Vincent Van Gogh painting

Rustic charm added to the decor

Artistic installations

The starry night and sunflower installations were made with lavender, haystack and stalks of wheat to conjure up some of the clearest images of his art. In a way, the guests entered blue fields of lavender with purple flowers scattered around them, passed a windmill, and then came across a field of sunflowers. Even the bar was made of hay.

The couple’s favorite pictures were part of the decor

A photo booth was artistically created with plenty of green foliage. Every detail has been personalized except for the larger than life sunflowers, which are handcrafted, and the swirling metal installations that imitate the starry night.

The swirling metal installation

It’s all in the details

Even the couple’s costumes and jewelry were woven into the theme by the team. “We knew the bride would be wearing a sunflower-themed sabyasachi saree, and we made sure everything we designed wouldn’t overshadow her. We wanted the couple’s personalities to shine through while creating an elegant and aesthetic backdrop for them. “

The happy couple

At the end of the day, the wedding decor needs a bit of romance without the setup looking like a museum. By adding flowers, choosing the right furniture and decorative pieces, the team ensured that the perfect harmony between theme, romantic elements, comfort and joy was maintained.

Everything has been curated to match the theme

Fine tuning

“The scope of this wedding may have been compact, but the thought, care, ideas and hard work were second to none. The idea, as always, is to tell a personal story through design that has universal appeal, ”Gupta concludes.


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