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Anne Burrell fans are blown away by this wedding cake video

Though many individuals marveled at the great thing about the flowered confections, a lot of the commentators on Instagram additionally appealed to the featured folks for his or her much less hygienic methods. “Every part was good and positively tasted scrumptious. Not a lot double dipping! Particularly in instances of Covid, “commented @jacobinita. In reality, the double dipping of the forks into the cake paired with the meals straight from it (as an alternative of really chopping a bit off) acquired quite a lot of folks disgusted. Person @ luvley330 stated “Oh come on!” and provides that sticking the forks within the cake is disgusting. “Get a disc!”

Not everybody was appalled, nonetheless. In response to the criticism, @weaselsmommy wrote: “Allow them to eat, sounds scrumptious!” Person @ jen2cats added: “Guys grow to be guys!” and @ winscher13 repeated the sensation and stated: “Who cares about double dipping, pals try this. I feel it is hilarious!”

After all, there’s all the time that one one who has to play a phrase on it someplace. “That takes the cake … lol,” commented @metelskyma.


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