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Anything goes when it comes to wedding cake Chowan Herald

Last weekend Edenton was blessed with mild and sunny weather, perfect for an outdoor event. With Edenton’s picturesque beauty and picturesque location on Albemarle Sound, it has become a wedding destination, and early fall is the time of year for parties and weddings.

A cake is often the center of events and of course the wedding cake tops them all. But baking a cake is not always easy. Lynn Burson of Sugared Fig Bake Shoppe dropped off one of her beautiful and delicious creations for a wedding this morning. Lynn is just one of the many wonderful bakers in the area, along with Ashley Copeland of Lace N Cakes and Anita Davenport to name a few.

Wedding cakes have a special history, dating back to ancient Rome, where it was tradition for the groom to break a loaf of wheat bread over the bride’s head, symbolizing fertility. Most brides would definitely not allow something like this today, but many still partake in a cupcake that smears on the face and maybe reminds a little of the past. This wedding bread tradition later evolved into candy and eventually the iconic white cake symbolizing a bride’s purity. Today everything is possible at weddings, from cupcakes to donuts to all imaginable cake tastes. I made red velvet, traditional vanilla pods, dark chocolate, and champagne cake.

A bride and her husband recently requested my carrot cake recipe after enjoying it here at their wedding. But this cake isn’t just for weddings or birthdays. Carrot cake is perfect for the fall snack with its warm notes of brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. This moist cake is even better cooked a day in advance, but is also quick enough to cook a few hours before serving. You can gild the lily with a few additions like coconut and raisins, but I just prefer it. Never use pre-grated carrots in bags that are dry and tasteless. It only takes a few minutes to grate your own carrots, which makes all the difference. This week I’ve included my carrot cake recipe.

Cheryl Orr is the owner of the Cotton Gin Inn.


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