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Ardrossan’s wedding planner, Emma, ​​put the icing on the cake

Fast-thinking Ardrossan wedding planner Emma Griffin put the icing on the cake for a couple when she stepped in as their photographer.

Emma, ​​a wedding and event manager at The Gailes Hotel, made bride and groom Sarah and Andrew Conlan’s day a memorable one by advocating for the couple who once feared they could never walk down the aisle together.

Groom Andrew, 28, suffered a cerebral haemorrhage in September and was in intensive care for 11 days and in the hospital for almost two months after being in a coma.

It took weeks of intense physical therapy because he could not move his left side, so the wedding was postponed again.

But with fiancé Sarah by his side, Andrew learned to walk again and as you can see in these pictures, his new wife proudly walked down the aisle on December 12th.

The new bride Sarah, 27, said, “We had to postpone our wedding three times, it was a tough year.

“We had two appointments canceled due to the pandemic and then Andrew suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, but during this period of uncertainty the Gailes team was supportive and kept in touch with us all the way.

“When the 12th of the 12th came, we decided to go for it, we were afraid that Andrew would be struggling with such a busy day and decided not to have an official photographer. When Emma entered we couldn’t believe it.

“We had a great time, it was way better than we thought there would be, and Andrew was strong all day.

“For a wedding without an official photographer, we have some great photos and are very happy.”

Humble Emma said, “I knew the couple had changed their dates four times and I wanted to make sure December 12th was a special day for them and their family.

“While Sarah was getting ready, I noticed it was a beautiful day and I told her to look out the window. We couldn’t believe the sunshine, it was breathtaking.

“I knew they didn’t have an official photographer, we were in the middle of a lock, but I also knew it was going to be a sunset worth capturing for their special day.

“I asked Sarah if she minded calling my husband Mark to bring my camera, and she loved it.

“I spent about 10 minutes taking a few photos for her and it was nice to be a part of her big day.

“The love they have for each other was easy to capture in the photos, and we also managed to experience the breathtaking sunset from our apartment terrace.”

And the couple were overjoyed with Emma’s work.


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