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Are you planning a COVID wedding? The wedding decoration gurus tell us what is trending now

If the mainstay of pre-pandemic wedding decoration was size and OTT design, weddings are all about intimate ceremonies, personalized experiences and attention to detail with a huge focus on safety. So if you’ve managed to resist the temptation to get married through Zoom, now is the time to look forward to celebrating your big day with loved ones – fairy lights, layered backdrops, and disinfection stands included. Destination weddings may not be an option, but don’t lose heart. This year’s decor themes promise to make the occasion unforgettable no matter where you say “I do”. We spoke to five top wedding decor designers to understand what future brides and grooms need to consider when planning their wedding.

The A-Cube Project, Ambika Gupta, Chennai

Changes to wedding decorations after the pandemic: Due to the restrictions that limit the number of people present, clients allocate larger budgets for bespoke and very detailed wedding decorations. For a wedding recently inspired by an idyllic location in Italy (known for its food, wine and olive oil) we implemented the rustic charm of the beautiful landscape by adding details in the form of olive oil bottles, lemons, checkered tablecloth, cutting boards, Wine bottles and bread to restore the ambience.

Design guidelines: Rose gold wedding decoration has been on trend for some time and it is the most beautiful addition to any wedding color palette. Whether you’re talking about table decorations, wedding cakes, or even engagement rings, it’s always a good decision.

The next best destination for destination weddings: Explore the outskirts that you are in. Properties such as old villas, farmhouses, open lawns – all have their own charm.

Keeping the pre-COVID trend: Themed weddings!

Pre-COVID trend to dig: It’s time we gave cane furniture a break. While we all love the rustic feel and earthy undertones that wood and sugar cane decor add, the trend has been overused. A master tip: give yourself and your designer enough time to plan.

Atisuto Events, Sabah Sheikh, Mumbai

Post-pandemic changes in decor: There is less wastage due to the limited number of guests present. More importance is also attached to the environmentally friendly facility. That is why we chose sustainable materials. Safety Standards To Be Observed: Safety will play a key role when it comes to wedding venues. Make sure your decorators check that all raw materials and finished products are disinfected before they are used. Also, make sure that disinfection stations are assigned for all guests at every corner during the ceremony.

Design guidelines: Some of the trending themes are classic monochromatic, boho chic, and layered backgrounds.

The next best destination for destination weddings: Remember to hold ceremonies in your hometowns or even backyards and farmhouses. Imagine a beautiful garden wedding with planted corridors with neon and light-flooded decor!

Post-COVID Trends to Maintain: Security measures as creative as possible and sustainable. A master planning tip: don’t change what you’ve always wanted. Just find a way to shrink it down creatively.

Theme Weavers Design, Prerana Saxena, Delhi


Changes to wedding decorations after the pandemic: In a ceremony we recently designed, each table was placed three meters apart and only four chairs were placed around a table five feet in diameter. Contactless pedal renovators were placed at the entrance, at the buffet counter and at every dining table. The customers, their guests and our team also received wristbands that were filled with a disinfectant.

Design guidelines: Flowers and crystals are still in trend. Inspired by Isha Ambani’s wedding decorations, flower peacocks, elephants and large flower installations are still in demand. Marigold, lavender, pink carnation, pink roses, baby breath, pink daisies, blue and purple orchids, and pink hydrangea.

Trending topics: A sun-kissed poolside lunch at a wedding was inspired by the Italian town of Ravello. All of the set up was done by the pool and the set up included blueprints and lemons which are refreshing on a sunny day.

The next best destination for destination weddings: Since most hometown weddings are held in order to create a sense of a destination wedding, local musicians and artisans are brought in to add a destination wedding to the celebrations.

Keeping the pre-COVID trend: Themes are here to stay. Despite the social distancing norms, the great decor is always preferred by the hosts. Installations, photo booths and other decor elements keep getting bigger to create an impact.

With love, Nilma, Nilma Deelipan, Bengaluru

pjimage (1)

Changes to wedding decorations after the pandemic: Given the current situation, we all had to rethink our decisions. Since flowers cannot be flown in from abroad, we obtain local flowers from our farmers. This reduces human contact and our carbon footprint. Small guest lists also reduce waste and overall configuration. Many families come together to make handcrafted wedding props. We are also noticing that people are returning to using dishes and cutlery instead of disposable cutlery. In the catering industry, the popularity of chefs and small caterers is increasing significantly.

Design guidelines: Local, handmade and eco-friendly decor. We’ve added props like mason jars, urls, and lamps to our setup – little bells and whistles you’d normally see in a house.

The next best destination for destination weddings: Find quaint places and spaces that weren’t usually considered in the past. For a wedding next month we are setting up in the private garden of a suite in a 5-star hotel. The garden has a breathtaking tree backdrop. Before, you would never have thought about it as there are usually more than 50 guests. Small farmhouses, terraces and houses are all the rage.

Keeping pre-COVID trends: We can keep detailing and attention to detail since everything is now on a smaller scale.

Abhinav Bhagat, Delhi

pjimage (3)

Changes to wedding decorations after the pandemic: For smaller venues, the focus has shifted to creating one or two very detailed elements rather than embellishing the entire location. Trendy and elaborate wedding mandaps and table centers are currently very popular.

Design guidelines: Getting local is a big new wedding trend we’ve seen over the past few years. Sourcing Indian flowers from your nearest florist is a great way to put your own personal stamp on the day. Expect fragrant flowers like mogra and lotus flowers in the coming year.

Trending topics: Go big with your use of color. Liven up your room with bright, lively summer tones.

Keeping pre-COVID trends: We should stick to the intimate gathering format – it allows you to keep things chic and classy.

A master’s planning tip: Don’t invest in entrances and ceilings. Invest in mandaps, photo booths and table decorations. Guests spend a lot more time doing it and taking more photos around them. That way, your wedding will be perfect for Instagram and on everyone’s agenda!

Aakar Wedding and Events, Anoop Singh, Delhi


Changes to wedding decorations after the pandemic: We planned some weddings during the lockdown phase and found that customers are consciously investing in the elements that really matter, rather than doing everything with their expectations. The need for too many items or adjustments has been drastically reduced, which has had an overall impact on the wedding industry.

Design guidelines: Pop colors are all the rage for mehendi functions. People opt for whimsical, whimsical, and candy colors like fluorescent pinks and greens as well as silver and gold. Dramatized and oversized props make a fun event. For the wedding look, metallic tones, like a silver element, are what people combine with beautiful tuberoses or the nargis flower.

Trending topics: The use of mirrors and gota on the walls adds to the glamor and femininity of the look.

Keeping the pre-COVID trend: Detailing and using unique props and elements.

Pre-COVID trend to dig: Opt-out for particularly loud and large setups.

A master’s planning tip: Run your planner to do exactly what you want the wedding to do. The additional elements can be done by your planner according to his expertise.

With contributions by Rebecca Vargese, Ujjainee Roy and Ayesha Tabassum


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