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Are you planning a DIY wedding cake? These are the things to watch out for

In this situation, it is always better to make a wedding cake than to order one from an outside store. So, here are some tips and ideas for making a beautiful DIY wedding cake.

Are you planning a DIY wedding cake? These are the things to watch out for

The wedding cake is one of the most important parts of your big day. So it has to be beautiful to make your day unforgettable. However, due to the sensitive situation caused by COVID-19, it is very risky to order your wedding cake from a bakery. So why don’t you try doing it yourself?

DIY wedding cake is a great idea to add feature to fun. You can create the cake with your own choices and creativity along with different colors. You can make a completely different type of cake that is unusual for wedding parties. So, here are some ideas for a DIY wedding cake.

DIY wedding cake tips and ideas:

1- You can make colored sugar yourself or buy it from the market and use it on the cake to create various geometric patterns. The cake looks particularly colorful.

2- If you want to keep things minimal, make a regular cake and then decorate it with pink or red paint to brighten the look.

3- If you want to make your cake differently then go ahead. Don’t think about being judged. A black goth cake will even look stunning for the day.

4- Since you are doing this yourself, you will have plenty of time to do it carefully. You should plan for your DIY wedding cake two to three months after the wedding.

5- You can always search online and take ideas from various cake videos to incorporate into your cake.

6- Make sure the design and color of the cake go perfectly with your wedding theme and decor.

7- You can also combine the color of your cake with your wedding attire to make it extra special

8th- When different types of fruit are an integral part of your wedding cake, think about the time of year. Because you need to take the fruits that are available during your wedding season.

For more DIY wedding cake ideas, check out this video below.

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