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Bake Boss Jandakot couple celebrate with WA’s biggest wedding cake

TWO professional cake makers went out of their way for their own wedding and created what is perhaps the largest WA wedding cake ever.

Joe and Casey Locke of Bake Boss Jandakot wowed family and friends at the front desk with an over the top skyscraper of a wedding cake when they got married last month.

The happy couple are known for their over the top, outrageous, and creative designs, even though what they served for their wedding took the cake.

With a height of 2.2 m – or 3.1 m if you include the table – and a diameter of 1.5 m, the cake consisted of 13 levels.

The (metaphorical) icing on the cake consisted of two actual aquariums filled with Siamese fighting fish that made up two of the 13 levels.

Camera iconJoe and Casey Locke’s wedding cake. Image Credit: All About Image Photography

The duo said they took up the challenge of creating their own wedding cake and designed it towards the end of last year, ignoring the advice they often give to their clients.

“We tell people you’re stupid if you make your own wedding cake.” We still stand by it, “said Locke.

“We had time, we have space, but even that wasn’t enough space. We had to stick it through the side of the wall to get it through the door. “

The aquariums were added as an unusual twist to make their cake stand out even more, although Mr. Locke admitted that they ultimately turned out to be the toughest obstacle.

“The upper one worked, but the lower one kept failing and leaking. Those were the things that almost broke us, ”he said.

Camera iconA ladder was required for the 2.2 m high wedding cake. Credit: Delivered

To further complicate matters, the couple went through two batches of fish after the first batch died at the pet store and the second saw her death on their pet cat’s paws.

When it came to building the mega-cake for the big day, Mr Locke said they were lucky enough to have their wedding venue available the day before.

“It took us just under four hours to get set up and we had four men with drills, glue guns, ladders and an electrician,” he said.

“We set it up in many parts to make it easy. It was planned perfectly, but it still took us four hours.”

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Now, with the wedding cake out of the way, the couple can draw attention to their regular, larger-than-life projects, which can include motors, lights, pumps, and even airbags and speakers.

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