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Baker shares the ultimate wedding cake that fails after 10 hours of cooking, only to end in disaster

A WOMAN spent 10 hours creating a marriage cake solely to have it fall off the counter that it was left on in a single day.

Ashamed, the lady was left with a crumbled cake eight hours earlier than the couple’s large day.


One girl spent 10 hours baking a marriage cake solely to search out it destroyed on the kitchen counter.Photograph credit score: Twitter / KBMM


Smashed: A lady tweeted how she discovered a cake she made for a good friend’s wedding ceremonyPhotograph credit score: Twitter / KBMM

Radio producer and baker Karen went on Twitter to disclose that the cake she needed to bake and embellish for 10 hours was by no means appropriate for the social gathering.

Karen uploaded a earlier than and after shot exhibiting what the cake was like after she completed it, full with edible leaves and flowers.

Within the picture reverse you may see that the cake has fallen and appears utterly crooked, with the sticks that have been used to carry it locked into place.

Karen tweeted, “When the #wedding ceremony cake you spent 10 hours diving off the kitchen counter at night time. It is social gathering in 8 hours. What would @duffgoldman do?”

Karen tagged the bride and groom and added, “# BakingDisaster # IHateGravity. Sorry, @Cementley and @hereandnow !! Can we eat the bunch? # BetterStickToRadio # EpicFail”

Many customers responded sensitively to her tweet and tried to supply options, with some suggesting Karen ought to use the smashed cake and frosting to make cake pops.

“Oh no! 2 choices begin one other batch like now! Be certain that that is this time too. Or … Wedding Cake Pops ?? Idk Cake appears to be like scrumptious. #Youcandoit,” mentioned one girl.

Movie star chef Duff Goldman responded to Karen’s tweet with a really artistic answer.

“Make an enormous cake pop? Go to the grocery store, purchase spherical muffins and icing from the bakery? he mentioned

“Go to @krispykreme, purchase some donuts, stack them up and construct a donut wedding ceremony tower?” Added the chef.

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The cake, which was due to be delivered to a wedding in eight hours, ended completely crooked


The cake, which was attributable to be delivered to a marriage in eight hours, ended utterly crookedPhotograph credit score: Twitter / KBMMHeartbroken bride after paying £ 350 for a dream wedding ceremony cake and getting the “ugliest I’ve ever seen”


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