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BBB warns of pop-up wedding planner scams

Countless brides and grooms have changed their wedding plans during the pandemic. Many have turned to securing their wedding with non-traditional services that are convenient and inexpensive. Unfortunately, scammers found a way to take advantage of the bride and groom with a wedding planner scam warned by the Better Business Bureau.

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Consumers have fallen victim to a pop-up wedding planner, according to the Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB) ​​Scam Tracker. They claim that the company is promoting the planning of the entire wedding and conveniently putting everything in one selected location. Fees are requested in advance, but the company stops responding after the initial communication. As soon as the so-called service arrived, it disappears, leaving behind disappointed brides and grooms who have little money and are stranded on their wedding day.

While there are legitimate companies using this model, it is important to research and select a trustworthy company. Always read the fine print and contracts, request a receipt, and understand company policies before signing. Seek feedback from previous client references to ensure a company has an honest track record. BBB encourages consumers to research companies before doing business on


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