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Bride defends new husband over aggressive wedding cake toss

A video showing a groom slamming his bride with cake on her wedding day made many angry.

In the clip that the US couple recently uploaded to TikTok, the bride can be seen playfully choking a bit of the icing on her partner’s face.

But it is the groom’s reaction, which some have described as “aggressive”, that has made many concerned.

As the bride steps aside, her partner grabs her entire wedding cake with three teir and slaps it on the right side of her face with both hands.

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The impact of the slingshot caused her to trip into a nearby chair.

However, she defended his actions after the clip went viral with thousands of people calling his plot a “red flag”.

“It’s not only aggressive, it’s also so embarrassing ??? If he is comfortable doing this in front of all of her friends and family … Scar, ”one person wrote.

“Oh, damn no !!!! Big red flag, “said a second person while a third added,” You can literally see his mood turn to anger and he tossed this cake, let him sister. “

But the bride said she found it humorous.

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“That’s us and it was fun for everyone,” she wrote of the clip, which has since been viewed nearly 3 million times.

“I’m sorry that you have a different sense of humor.”

She added that she was “not embarrassed”.

Following the backlash, the bride shared another video – a montage of the couple’s beloved snaps to ease criticism.

“They both thought it was funny … it’s none of their business,” wrote one TikTok user, defending the couple.

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“As long as you are happy, it matters,” added another.

However, many were still not convinced and said it was not the “problem”.

“Girls, we think you love him. For us it’s the other way around. It’s scary because it’s not love. No matter how many “couple photos” you post, “said one person.

“If you’re worried about the whole internet… there is probably a reason for it. People don’t hate, we are really concerned, ”added another.

One woman said that she and her husband also “smashed cake in each other’s faces” at their wedding, and pointed out that there was a difference.

“But the way his face looks angry and he tosses the whole cake … yes, no.”

“That is incredibly sad. It’s not a prank, was disrespectful and kind of embarrassing for you, even if you don’t see it. “

The couple have since updated their TikTok profile to “A cake didn’t hurt anyone”.


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