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Burton Wedding Planners went from marriages for hundreds to nothing due to Covid

A Burton wedding planner says she organized marriages for up to 500 guests to avoid doing anything after the pandemic hit the industry.

Sammy Gill, Marketing Manager for Peekaboo Events on Derby Road, says there have been many customers postponing their weddings, which has been difficult, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s roadmap announcement has produced some much-needed positive results.

Starting Monday April 12, the number of guests at wedding receptions will increase to 15, and starting Monday May 17, weddings and receptions can accommodate up to 30 people.

And as of Monday June 21, the government is hoping to make a decision on whether all wedding boundaries can be lifted in order to return to larger gatherings of family and friends.

Ms. Gill, who lives in Derby, said: “There have been a lot of people who have postponed their weddings for obvious reasons, but luckily there have been no cancellations.

“Many of our customers had to reduce their numbers due to their own financial situation due to the pandemic that then affected our business.

“The pandemic has affected many companies, especially those in the event planning space, and the recent roadmap announcement has helped us find ways to get through this period and hopefully get back to normal.”

“It was very difficult going from planning weddings for an average of 500 people to doing nothing, but hopefully that will be a thing of the past.

Simmi had previously planned weddings for at least 500 people and hopes that this will happen again
(Image: Simmi Gill)

“When the announcement was made, we had a lot of last-minute bookings and those planning large weddings had to reduce their number to ensure safety.

“We had to change the way we work, so we introduced virtual wedding planning, where we go through designs and types of decorations without actually meeting each other.

“It’s very different from people coming into your warehouse, choosing designs and materials, and then having more meetings when changes happen. But again, this is the safest way to work and one that helps us keep going.”

“This is something we’ve never done before, but the circumstances mean we have to look back at making new changes.

“Having hand sanitizer on wedding tables is part of the planning process and will be part of the new normal for a while.

“We are in a very good position now and have a lot of bookings to process. This has resulted in us bringing in more people to make sure we can handle the extra work and make a big contribution to making the big day.” of our customers. ” smooth.”

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