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Cake decorator helps couple DIY their dream wedding cake after Covid-19 forces them to cancel their plans

Erin and Ben got engaged on February 29th and planned a perfect big summer wedding. Erin was from Florida and had always dreamed of having a Publix cake for her reception.

“Every celebration had a Publix cake,” said Erin. “When Ben and I met, I took him to Florida and our first stop was Publix.”

When Ben suggested, the couple knew they wanted this particular brand of cake. The problem is, they wanted to get married in Minneapolis, where the southern supermarket doesn’t exist.

The original plan was to get a Florida family member to bring the cake for the wedding, but when Covid-19 hit they had to come up with a plan B.

The couple began experimenting with recipes to see if they could reinvent a cake similar to what Erin dreamed of, but none of them did the trick.

After Erin shared her story for an article, Publix stepped in to make her dream a reality.

“We heard about Erin’s dream of having a Publix cake at her wedding and we wanted to help make that happen. So we video-called them to see if they would be interested in having a wedding cake decorating session,” Brittany Lavallee said, a professional decorator at Publix told CNN.

“We sent them a box of all the ingredients, including buttercream, cake layers, and decorative gum paste flowers from our headquarters in Lakeland, Florida.”

They also sent the Cohens a list of supplies they would need to make the cake.

Make your own dream cake

On the Friday before their August 16 wedding, Ben and Erin made a video call with Lavallee and went to work creating their own DIY wedding cake.

“The consultation and tutorial with Brittany and the Publix team kicked off the wedding weekend, and making our own cake has become a fond memory for us,” said Ben.

“We can’t do all of the things that most couples would imagine if they got married because of the pandemic. So we looked for unique and different ways to celebrate so that it was really special.”

And according to Ben, the results were “perfect”.

“It was beautiful … honestly, it took me back to my childhood. Every piece of cake made me feel at home,” said Erin.

And since Erin’s family in Florida couldn’t attend the ceremony in person, Publix provided them with a replica of the cake so they could all eat the same cake together on their wedding day.

Erin’s mom even frozen the top of her Florida cake for the couple’s first anniversary.

“Many people have had to make big changes to special events in life like weddings. We are grateful that we can help to become part of their celebration and to make it a little more special,” said Lavallee.

“The real icing on the cake for me was seeing the love and laughter the couple shared as they created these memories that will last a lifetime.”


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