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Call Krispy Kreme Lovers! Donut wedding cake ideas

Cake is one of those desserts that is just plain good or bad – you either love it or you hate it. But weddings just aren’t complete without a traditional cake cut. You know, the one who got the newlyweds all going cute and shoving cake in each other’s faces.

So, if you’re not a huge cake fan and want to mess it up a little, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Believe it or not, donut wedding cakes have been a trend (not to be confused with donut walls) that we’re seeing more and more.

In fact, the need for wedding donuts was so great that Krispy Kreme Australia even created a “Celebrations” collection with a “Wedding Dozen”. These beautiful bridal donuts are dipped in white chocolate and drizzled by hand. They are the perfect stack of donuts as an alternative to the typical, very expensive traditional cake.

Whether you want to step away from the cake or you and your future spouse are just donut fanatics, keep scrolling to find the best ways to create a unique but classy donut cake. Put a ring (get it?) On it and say “I batter” to these delicious donut cakes.


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