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CARE Have your mathcore and grind with “flower wedding cake” too

It’s been a little over a year since the world stepped into a vast landscape of hell, the end of which we probably won’t see for some time. What we’ve got in droves over the past year, however, is music that reflects those feelings and cuts like glass. It is no different in this group with bands like maintenance while provoking aggression and fear-inducing madness.

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Mathcore never died, although the end of the MySpace-era bands might lead some to believe. There has been a dedicated following for the genre for a while, but more and more bands are emerging or forming. Enter Boston, MA’s Nursing. The two-part, chaotically blackened Mathcore / Grind unit jumps through the speakers like a locomotive. You could recognize the names Tony Castrato and Jonathan Jasperse, both from the mathcore / jazz band Double pointed needleswho make up this band. Knowing this band, you can expect your head to be thoroughly turned with nursing.

Self-Care is Nursing’s debut album and our title today is Floral Wedding Cake. Some background information about the album: The album is a concept record of what relationships have been reduced to these days. How much of it is like a transaction, and how much of it is superficial / material rather than any kind of emotional connection. This and the impact it has on the human psyche and how existence is a cold sucker. I could take some liberties there, but that’s the impression I’m getting. But when you think about that, the manic sound of nursing is like filled soul violence.

“Floral Wedding Cake” pops up like a heart attack. The fast guitar and the popping drums are an adrenaline journey. The track jumps everywhere from quick guitar licks to heavy sections that are about to beatdown. The track is frightening in its frenzy, but that’s also its appeal. A dance with chaos in full swing. And before you know it, the road is over and you want more.

Fans of bands like The sound that ends creation (Chris Dearing’s band who also mixed and mastered this record), Sleep sculptor, Mouth breathers, Car bomb, or Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza need to hear this if they haven’t already. Everyone who likes mathcore, grind or chaotic music has to get this. Dont miss it. Nursing is already writing more music. Stay tuned.

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Self Care falls on March 19th.

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