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Carefree ‘wedding cake house’ collapses due to a fire

A large fire collapsed a carefree home Tuesday morning but did not cause any injuries, according to Rural Metro Fire.

Just after 3 a.m., Rural Metro responded to reports of a major fire at the apartment near Carefree Highway and Tom Darlington Drive. When they arrived, the firefighters saw the house on the mountainside ablaze, with two of the three levels completely on fire.

The house was empty due to renovations which were almost complete when the fire started. As soon as the firefighters confirmed that no one was in the house, they started a defensive attack on the fire when the structure of the house became unstable.

Due to the size of the fire, additional crews from other operations were brought in, said Shawn Gilleland, spokesman for the Rural Metro.

“The crews fought the fire for many hours and only recently began disassembling the equipment and putting it back on the trucks in preparation for returning to their areas,” added Gilleland.

According to Rural Metro Fire, the owner has speculated that there may be an electrical cause of the fire, but the official cause has yet to be determined.

The firefighters were expected to remain on site to fix any flare-ups and perform mop-up operations.

A listing on popular real estate website Zillow described the property as: “The famous and iconic wedding cake house, one of Carefree’s most recognizable, recognizable and elegant landmarks on a stunning gated community overlooking the Boulders Resort / city lights. And golf courses. “

A notice advises website visitors that the property on Zillow has not been offered for sale or rent.

Although referred to as the “wedding cake house,” it should not be confused with the lock, which is shaped like a wedding cake along loop 202 near Van Buren and 52nd Street. This is Tovrea Castle in Carraro Heights.

You can reach the breaking news reporter Miguel Torres at [email protected] or on Twitter @MTorresTweet.


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