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Couples receive a refund from the wedding planner

JOHOR BARU: A building maintenance technician who wanted to get married in June but was forced to call off the marriage due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Motion Control Order (MCO) was given the right to repay money to a wedding planner.

Muhamad Rafiq Rozemi and his fiancée Zuraika Abd Rahman had booked a wedding package worth 22,300 RM with a wedding planner in Bandar Baru Uda in February.

The applicant made an initial payment of RM 4,000 on February 27, followed by the second payment of RM 3,000 on March 3.

Muhamad Rafiq said the package included catering for 700 guests, wedding attire, makeup, podium, photography and videography.

“We decided to cancel our wedding ceremony when the MCO was launched on March 18th,” he said while meeting here before the Johor Baru Consumer Claims Tribunal in Menara Ansar.

Muhamad Rafiq and Zuraika decided to cancel their wedding as they had not yet taken the mandatory pre-wedding courses for Muslim couples.

Classes were temporarily suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the MCO, and without attending the classes, their Akad Nikah (celebration) could not take place.

“We tried several times on June 4th to call the owner of the wedding planner to inform them of our decision, but our calls went unanswered,” said Zuraika, 21.

They met with the owner on June 10th and 12th and asked him to repay the RM 7,000 bond and gave him until June 19th to return the sum.

Zuraika said the owner hadn’t responded to her request and when they extended the deadline to June 24, the owner still refused to return the deposit.

Muhamad Rafiq then filed his case with the Johor Baru Consumer Claims Tribunal on June 25, demanding RM 7,000 from the interviewee.

The interviewee said he could not return the entire amount to the applicant and deducted 10% from the RM7,000 as administration and service fees.

The interviewee declared himself ready to reimburse the applicant by order of the Tribunal President Mohd Zahirullah Mohd Taib within six months – after deducting 700 RM from the deposit amount. The first payment of RM 1,050 must be made within 14 days and the remaining five payments of RM 1,050 will be made out in retrospective checks on October 27, November 27 and December 27 this year.

The rest of the payments will be made on January 27th and February 27th next year.

“We haven’t decided when the wedding ceremony should take place,” said Zuraika.

Those in need of help with tribunal matters can call 07-227 2828.


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