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Cynthia Bailey’s wedding planner shares details in an interview – Hollywood Life

Cynthia’s wedding will air during this week’s ‘RHOA’ and we have exclusive details on her big day!

Real Atlanta Star Housewives Cynthia Bailey and your long-term partner, Mike Hill, got married on October 10, 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic. Your wedding planner, Courtney Ajincanow shows how she managed to plan such a large wedding, which was attended by 250 guests.

Hollywood Life: When did you start working? Cynthia and how did you come to plan your wedding?

Courtney Ajinca: “I was actually introduced to her by Danika. And when it was time to get their engagement done, Mike actually reached out to me to help plan their engagement party as well. So then Cynthia Probably a few weeks later or a month later to say, “Hey, let’s start planning the wedding.” So they got engaged in July 2019 and we started planning just before October of this year. It was exactly the year before the wedding. Nobody had any idea that COVID was going to come in and destroy the happiest moment of all (laughs). “

Hollywood Life: What were your first thoughts on wedding plans when the pandemic broke out?

Courtney Ajinca: “We really took it as it came and played everything by ear. Of course it was very disturbing Cynthia First of all, because the government says we cannot meet. She had a large number of guests; We came down from around 400 and then she brought it down to 200. Of course you are a bride and in COVID it was very emotional. I would just try to keep her calm, keep her focused and let her know, “Hey, we have no control over this, but I’ll do everything in my power to make sure this is your best day ever.” ‘We took what it came every day and it turned out to be great. ”

Hollywood Life: What can you tell us about the location where the reception and wedding took place?

Courtney Ajinca: “The reception and wedding were held at the Governors Towne Club in Acworth, Georgia, a beautiful hotel, and the staff were so helpful and kind to us. Originally, it was supposed to be an outdoor wedding so all guests can have a nice flow of air and make sure everyone creates social distance and celebrates in a safe way. But Hurricane Delta came through and we had to get everything back inside. We went inside out and switched it inside out at least four times during the wedding week. It’s so rare for Atlanta to get a hurricane and it was just that on their wedding day. And it was like a heavy downpour. Thank goodness we decided to bring him back inside. Our last call was about 18 hours before the wedding and we had to make the call because we had to order more items like draperies and chairs. “

Hollywood Life: Was there ever a time when Cynthia Are you thinking of postponing your wedding?

Courtney Ajinca: “No, she never wanted to call it finished. Throughout the wedding planning process she said, “I love you, I want to marry you, 10/10/20 is the perfect date. Let’s keep our date. ‘Even when Mike said,’ Well, maybe we can get married next year? It’s COVID and we want to be able to celebrate safely. And she said, ‘No, this is my date. 10/10/20. ‘It was never a thought to just change it. “

Hollywood Life: What Steps Did You Take to Keep Everyone Safe During The Pandemic?

Courtney Ajinca: “So we were very strategic about how we wanted everyone to have a safe place to celebrate. We implemented a lot of different things including hand washing stations where guests had to wash their hands before they were even allowed to enter the property to check in. They had temperature tests; Everyone’s phone had to be put in a plastic bag to prevent the germs from spreading there. Then everyone had to disinfect their hands and then fill out all the required papers. They were required to wear masks while they were not eating or drinking, so by all means all diners should be required to wear masks when they are not eating or drinking, as they would in a normal restaurant. We had COVID disclaimers to let everyone know the number of guests that we had taken safety precautions leading up to the wedding. We communicated a lot with all of the guests who came to tell them everything we were implementing, all the rules and regulations that were being enforced at the wedding that wore masks, shields and social distancing tags, and there were only a certain number within a room allowed by people. Everyone who came was there to obey the different rules and we just partied in a safe way and nobody got sick. I think we did a good job. “

Hollywood Life: And what were these safety precautions that led to the wedding?

Courtney Ajinca: “We sent out a disclaimer email that people could review before the wedding. We suggested COVID tests, but they weren’t mandatory. However, we have suggested that all guests be given a COVID test so everyone else can feel safe. “

Hollywood Life: Did You Get Any Backlash For Planning Such A Big Wedding During A Pandemic?

Courtney Ajinca: “I didn’t get a game or heard of a game. I know a lot of people wanted to know about the security, and when we did this and told them no one got sick, there was no real backlash from it. I think we did a really good job making sure everyone is safe, secure and able to celebrate safely. “

Hollywood Life: Did you feel pressure knowing that this huge wedding was going to be televised?

Courtney Ajinca: “I mean, of course there will always be this pressure. But nobody got COVID from the wedding, that was a big deal for us that we could celebrate safely. And then there was the pressure to be televised. Just want to give, of course Cynthia the best possible day. At that point, I was working with Cynthia I really wanted to make all of her wedding day dreams come true for two years. So yeah there was a pressure that it was COVID that it was on TV. But I am so excited about the work Cynthia. She is so cute, she is so relaxed and she is just that amazing person. “

Cynthia’s wedding will be televised during the March 14th episode of RHOA, which you can listen to on Bravo at 8 p.m.


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