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Do you really want that wedding cake a year later?

Ms. Babb, 31, the owner of Christina Burton Events, plans 35 to 40 weddings each year in Indianapolis, Lexington, Kentucky and Louisville, Kentucky. Single layer replicas for couples who want to enjoy them on their one year anniversary.

A year old wedding cake is not quite the same (even with the best packaging protocol). For couples with limited storage space or those trying to avoid travel hurdles, ordering a replica cake is an easier solution.

“People get wedding cakes from bakeries they are fans of,” said Melanie Moss, founder and pastry chef at Mini Melanie, a Brooklyn dessert shop. “They are great foodies.”

Mini Melanie makes 30 individual wedding cakes every year. As an alternative to freezing the original top-notch, the bakery offers returning customers 4-by-4-inch flavor mini-cakes (starting at $ 60) for pickup and delivery in Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as bite-sized cake truffles (12 for $ 35-40 ) that are shipped nationwide.

Some couples celebrate their first birthday without a cake.

“I loved the tradition of cutting the cake, but wanted to do something different,” said Jill Lydon, 34, a South Portland, Maine nurse who married her husband, John Lydon, 34, a practice manager at an accounting firm, Jan. September 2018 in Portland, Maine. The couple’s reception included a small cake to cut and ice cream sandwiches for the 120 guests.

To celebrate their one year anniversary, the couple enjoyed cocktails and appetizers together at the Garden Café, a restaurant in the Portland Regency Hotel and Spa. A year later, when their baker offered to recreate their one-tier cake, the couple passed away. “It honestly didn’t really cross my mind,” said Mrs. Lydon. “John doesn’t even like cake.”


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