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Do you remember “The Wedding Planner” as well as you think?

JLo fans, you better do this right!

  1. The wedding planner was the beginning of JLo’s rom-com career! She later starred in Maid in Manhattan and Monster-in-Law.

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  2. Fran calls him Eddie (short for his last name Edison) throughout the movie, but his real name is Steve!

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  3. One of my favorites is the Greek wedding! All these cracking records!

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  4. Talk about an intense meeting-sweet.

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  5. While most romantic comedies take place in New York or California, The Wedding Planner takes place in SF!

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  6. This musical story is played by Janet Leigh and Tony Martin.

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  7. Mary even accepts Massimo’s marriage proposal by writing “OK” on a Scrabble board.

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  8. Ouch! That must hurt.

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  9. Oh honey He is known to be Dr. Alex Karev, but he also played the delightfully amorous Massimo.

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  10. Do you ever talk about it at length during the movie? No It is only mentioned once. If you got that right, I’m impressed!

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