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Domino is offering couples the chance to win a pizza-themed wedding catering award

A pizza chain gives 10 newlyweds the chance to win a free catering package to feed their hungry guests on their big day.

Dominos Pizza launched the competition in honor of the busiest time for couples.

The lucky winners win 20 large pizzas that choose from traditional flavors such as Pepperoni Passion, Veggie Supreme O, Hawaiian or create a tailor-made topping.

Research from Domino shows that 22 percent of wedding guests would prefer pizza as a meal over formal dining.

Ian Straughan, Head of Product Innovation at Domino’s, said, “We’re seeing a growing trend of couples ordering pizza to give wedding guests a fun, modern twist on their big day.

“With the wedding season in full swing, we were surprised to learn that nearly half of the guests (46 percent) don’t like the food they are served.

“Almost a third (33 percent) say they avoid at least one course, which later in the evening makes them hungry for an alternative to moist sandwiches and dehydrated chicken nuggets.”

“Domino’s delivers fresh, quality, hot food that makes sure everyone is happy. In fact, we get a lot of requests for wedding pizza, especially since many couples invite more guests to have a bigger party after the main meal.

“When you have fun sharing food like pizza, everyone feels part of that special evening.”

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