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Every wedding cake question you have ever had answered

“What should a groom’s cake look like and when is it served?”


Traditionally, groom cakes were the wedding favorite, not another dessert. The cake was sliced, wrapped and given to guests to take away. Single women then slept with the cake under their pillow, hoping to dream of their future groom – hence the name of the cake. Nowadays, a groom’s cake is an opportunity to add something special for the groom to a celebration that often feels like it is all about the bride. In addition to the wedding cake, a groom cake can take on any shape and taste, be it a traditionally shaped cake in rich chocolate with a liqueur filling or the funfetti of his childhood carved into the shape of his precious grill or decorated with his favorite team’s logo.

Because the cake was previously used as a favor instead of the dessert, there are no hard and fast rules for cutting and serving it. Most couples choose to slice the groom’s cake immediately after cutting the wedding cake and serve slices next to pieces of the wedding cake so guests can choose between different flavors. When the cakes are both big enough, you can slice a duet for each guest, or just put a flavor on each plate and let your family and friends choose which they prefer.


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