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Hand-painted panels for work: a look inside Rana-Miheeka’s decor before the wedding

Rana Daggubati and Miheeka Bajaj recently held a Haldi and Mehendi ceremony. (Source: blingmushrooms / Instagram, arpitamehtaofficial / Instagram)

Rana Daggubati and Miheeka Bajaj started their pre-wedding celebrations. The couple, who are due to get married today, August 8, 2020, recently held their Haldi and Mehendi ceremony.

For the celebrations, Miheeka’s mother Bunty Bajaj carefully curated the decor together with her daughter, thinking it was a perfect blend of trend and tradition. Designed by wedding architect Bling Mushrooms with Miheeka’s company Dew Drop Design Studio, the Haldi ceremony offered a special backdrop.

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“This 12 foot / 10 foot backdrop, divided into two panels, was hand-painted so extensively for days that it became a very personal and artistic affair. The craftsmanship, which was done by hand, gave it an instant uplift, which resulted in this stunning setting, ”mentioned Bling Mushrooms on Instagram.

“The mood was traditional, but it had its own sense and style of aesthetics. Both our bride Miheeka and Bunty Bajaj are so tasteful and very clear about the mood they wanted to set for this event so smooth and exciting, ”they added.

To match the backdrop, the bride-to-be, together with family and friends, put on yellow outfits to make the appearance of the event even more lively.

For the Mehendi ceremonyThe couple opted for a “dainty, delicate and minimalist” design with tassels in muted colors. “We did so much research on our color chart and ended up putting these shades together which turned out to be a visual delight for every guest attending this mehendi event,” wrote Bling Mushrooms.

What do you think of the decor?

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