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How to Make a $ 20 Wedding Cake Using Woolworths Mudcakes

It’s no secret that weddings are super expensive. The dress, the venue, the photography … it stacks up quickly!

One of the sneaky costs is the gorgeous wedding cake that married couples just love to immerse themselves in in front of a crowd. Since the cutting of the cake is a special moment, it is traditionally quite large and costs something.

However, if you want to save on the most important dessert of the day, look no further than your local supermarket. In fact, all you need is about $ 20!

In a video tutorial from home baker Vanessa Strong, learn how to make a gorgeous ombre wedding cake out of Woolworths cakes.

In the clip posted on TikTok, Strong uses a chocolate mud cake as a base before applying delicious buttercream.

Then she stacks a caramel cake, layers more buttercream … followed by another chocolate mud cake and puts more buttercream on top.

This is where the fun begins – the three different colors of the glaze continue, which are then neatly mixed together with a spatula.

Flowers are placed on top as decoration and ready – a perfect wedding cake!

@ messynessy89

$ 20 wedding cake anyone ??? 😂😍 #foryoupage #fyp #australia #foryou #baking #cakehack

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People loved their idea and really wanted to try it out for themselves.

“Are Cake Decorators Getting That Rich?” asked a viewer.

“This is fantastic! I will be using it for my 21st daughters,” wrote another.

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