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Jennifer Lopez on the wedding planner cast

From Maid in Manhattan to Monster-in-Law to Shall We Dance, Jennifer Lopez is one of the queens of romantic comedies – and it all began in 2001 with The Wedding Planner.

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During Variety’s Power of Women Conversations, presented by Lifetime, Lopez spoke about how stereotyping in previous roles made her casting on The Wedding Planner an uphill battle.

. @ JLo talks about being stereotypical in auditions: “I would always get involved with what they would call” the maid “, the” Rosie Perez-esque “role, dishwasher … I kind of had to break out” | Variety #PowerOfWomen: Conversations from @lifetimetv

8:50 p.m. – October 28, 2020


“I had to break out somehow [being stereotyped] and convince someone to put me in the first romantic comedy, “she explained,” which I think is the wedding planner. “

“I was, as you said, pretty hot at the time and you were my agent,” she explained to her agent Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, “and you asked for a certain price you thought was worthy and you did strapped back on us. “

As Lopez explains, it took the wedding planner’s director Adam Shankman to break the casting stalemate. “He came to one of my signatures and said, ‘Give her what she wants.'”

And J.Lo will soon be returning to her marital comedy roots: She will star with Armie Hammer in the action comedy Shotgun Wedding, and the Owen Wilson costarring Marry Me is scheduled for Valentine’s Day 2021.

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