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Local bridal and wedding planners work according to the new WUTR / WFXV guidelines

New York State issued new guidelines for wedding ceremonies and receptions. A future bride-to-be and her wedding planner try to work through any changes so they can go down the island and say, “I do.”

Jessica Peters plans her wedding in May at the union ward. However, she has a guest list of over 200 people and needs to reduce that number to 150.

“Of course we can only limit it to our family and only to our closest friends and maybe not to the people who will be traveling, but we haven’t even touched that because we don’t even know what it will look like inside any one Month. “- Peters, future bride

One of the state requirements for weddings is that guests have a negative COVID test: “If they can be tested and show a negative test, I think it will happen within three days or 72 hours of the event, or when they get the vaccination to have.” – Cassie Shaver, wedding planner

The state even has guidelines on dancing: “You know, last year it just wasn’t dancing, whatever. Then they said okay we can dance. So if you come with your party they or a family member name and you are seated at a table of ten we can take a dance floor. You know a great space that anyone attending this wedding can use and take part in dances now. “Razor

Peters looks forward to celebrating with her family and friends and remains optimistic about the process.


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