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Love Island’s Laura Whitmore shares some inspiration for wedding decorations

October 15, 2020 – 12:55 BST

Rachel Avery

Laura Whitmore has brought her own personalized ‘Laura’ bouquet onto the market Moonpig – and we think she gave a subtle hint of her possible wedding decorations inspiration for her upcoming wedding Iain Stirling.

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Laura and Iain have been a couple since 2016, moved in together in 2018 and got engaged in early 2020.

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WATCH: Laura reveals her beautiful ‘Laura’ bouquet

It is widely reported that Iain organized a romantic proposition in South Africa, where the couple shot both for the winter series of Love island.

Comedian and spokesman Iain presented one to Laura yellow colored diamond ring when he asked for her hand in marriage. In the video, which was filmed in Laura and Ian’s house in North London, Laura can be seen with the beautiful ring.

Laura’s engagement ring is a yellow colored diamond

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As she admires the beauty of her own Laura bouquet, she reveals her favorite color. She said, “Yellow is my favorite color. I love yellow roses.” Perhaps this suggests that yellow roses will play a role in her future wedding to Iain.

In the video, Laura is accompanied by Roxanne from Moonpig, who explains the best steps to unpack and arrange the bouquet. During the tutorial, Laura refers to her fiancé Iain: “My other half is really good at doing the garden”. And Laura proves that she’s fingered green herself and that the breathtaking flowers are perfectly arranged in a vase.


Laura and Iain got engaged in early 2020

The bouquet is vibrant, just like Laura, and includes yellow gerberas, yellow roses, and other dainty flowers like tanacetum.

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Laura spoke openly in the video and said: “I think there is nothing better than receiving a bouquet of flowers.”. If that’s not a cue for Fiancee Iain to come home with a spray in hand, we don’t know what is … “


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