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Luke Combs’ wedding cake is on fire, to say the least

Luke Combs’ surprise wedding included a large white cake that looks like it could quench your thirst.

The singer “Lovin ‘on You” married the long-time friend Nicole Hocking on Saturday (August 1st) after a 20-month engagement. The private ceremony took place at her home in South Florida. People announced that a major gathering would be held in 2021 after the coronavirus pandemic subsided.

The guests seem to have been treated well in the truest sense of the word. Combs and his bride’s wedding cake was a large beer can and the words “Nicole & Beer never broke my heart,” a not-too-subtle homage to his 2019 song, “Beer Never Broke My Heart”.

Hocking’s picture of the pastry tower also shows the couple casually dressed and in love while holding a cold drink in their hands.

“Yesterday was the best day of my life. I got married to my best friend. I love you @nicohocking, it’s here forever,” wrote Combs on Instagram when he announced the wedding. Hocking – for whom Combs wrote “Beautiful Crazy” – shared the same pictures and said:

“Yesterday was the best day !! I’m so happy to be with you for the rest of my life! While we wish we could have had every single one of our family and friends there, we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone next Year!”

The couple started dating in 2016, the same year the singer’s song “Hurricane” became a hit. Fittingly, a tropical storm (later a hurricane) was pressing on their location at the time of the wedding.

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