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Man suspected in multiple armed robbery of taking wedding rings directly off woman’s finger – CBS Pittsburgh

UNIONTOWN, PA (KDKA) – Police are looking for a suspected armed robber who they say is scared and has taken money and valuables from several victims in Uniontown over a 48-hour period. The suspect is described as a tall, skinny, white man wearing a brightly colored hoodie.

Investigators say the suspect hit a supermarket on Connellsville Street Monday this week. The man reportedly pulled out a large hunting knife with a hook on the end and started with a handful of cash.

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Police said he struck again the next night, this time in a house on Carlisle Street. A few minutes after the robbery, it was reportedly aimed at another house on Virginia Avenue.

Uniontown police chief Tom Kolencik said the thief stole something very valuable from the victim.

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“She gives him the handbag, her cell phone is in it. She basically leads him out the door. Just before he runs out the door, he physically takes the wedding rings off her finger and then runs, ”said Kolencik.

In either case, the suspect brandished a knife. The police are concerned about the fact that he targeted two houses far apart with elderly residents. Did he pack the houses? Did he work for the victims or a neighbor?

One thing the police know for sure is that he is armed and dangerous and capable of anything.

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If you know anything about this person or the alleged robbery, ask the police to contact them.


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