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Mansi appoints Ghuna as wedding planner

Anu returns house after selecting a marriage card. When Padma asks why she got here house so early, she says that she went to Arya’s home. Subbu is disenchanted after they blackmail him into marriage.

Whereas Mansi is considering Anu-Arya’s engagement, Jhende comes up and asks what she thinks. Mansi explains some work issues and Arya calls Jhende with details about Jalandhar. He asks millennials to handle Anu.

In the meantime, Ghuna involves Meera and introduces herself as the marriage planner that Mansi has appointed. When Meera and Jhende ask him to indicate his ID, he tells them that he’ll hand it in later. Then they introduce him to Mansi and ask him to watch out with the marriage preparations.

Anu explains to Ramya and Sampath what she is doing in Arya’s home. Then Aryavardhan calls her and tells her the jasmine plant has bloomed properly. Anu asks if Arya will come to offer these flowers. Arya replies that he will not come, however will make certain the flowers attain her. How Arya plans to ship the jasmine flowers could be seen under.


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