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Manu Anand, a successful wedding planner, presents his first music project

Manu Anand, owner and organizer of Manyam Events, a 39-year-old wedding planner with 11 years of experience juggling business ventures, promoting travel destinations and huge occasions, has now planned to start his first music company.

A fan of accuracy, he is known for his involvement in elaborate enumeration, arrangement and structuring, warmth and coordination, etc. Today he claims a group of dedicated experts known for designing and executing great plans that guarantee customer courtesy . Its elaborate thematic contemplations and structures have been proven to be a source of inspiration that will make your scene look remarkable from any point.

While discussing his trip, Manu said, “I was zealous and committed to life when I got into wedding planning. The energy that the industry brings led me to do Manyam Events, an organization for organizing and wedding decoration stylists in Delhi.

The global pandemic has presented the industry with unprecedented challenges. Companies are working hard to write the new normal for the events industry, he added. In addition to his group, Mr. Manu Anand puts its central focus on making an occasion for a victory of bliss.

He is full of energy regarding his fantasies and does not commit himself to the events industry. Its tendency towards music has made it a delightful tune that covers the entire event society. Their special names are Rituraj Khanna from Q Events, Sonali Ajay Bahuguna, Naviin Sachdev from Cherish Caterers, Amit Jidani from Devam, Sumit Kohli from Kohli Tents and DJ Sumit Sethi, Pawan Chawla from P&M Movies, MUA Guneet Virdi, Jeetu Arora from JK Events, Sumit Kumar from Glitzz Decor, Ritin Kumar and Sagar Kumar from Cinelove Productions, Priyanka Katyal from Knownsense Media, Gaurav Chauhan from Le Chaat Factory, Sunny Sabherwal from Pulse Events, Paras Sunda and Dj Wicked from Funky Boys, Anchor Kamal Homi Mistry .

His video shows that his deliberations are limited by real ideals of solidarity that inspire energy and pride in the nation.

Mr. Anand was awarded the IEA Fellowship by Kareena Kapoor in Malaysia and honored by Malaika Arora in Goa. He loves social media platforms and is therefore very active on Instagram and Facebook because he loves to interact and get in touch with people from different foundations. He is a real vagabond and believes in recognizing the demands of those in whom life moves him.

There is a saying “the more the merrier”. He firmly believes that constant learning is the way to progress, because the best way to achieve what you deeply desire is to expand with information and experience.

You can check out his Instagram page here and listen to his song here.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist was involved in creating this content.


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