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Meteorite Wedding Rings: The Complete Guide

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When you think of wedding ring materials, the typical metals gold, silver and platinum probably come to mind. But what if you are looking for a unique material to create a ring that is equally unique? Meteorite could be just the right wedding ring material for you.

What is meteorite?

Meteorite is a piece of a comet, asteroid, or meteorite that passes through the atmosphere and reaches the surface of a planet or the moon. Experts estimate that meteorite material is moving at an estimated speed of seven miles per second.

Nothing that forms on earth is as good as a meteorite. The striped design of the material, known as the Widmanstätten pattern (figures made from long nickel-iron crystals), consists of alloy ribbons called kamacite (nickel-iron in meteorites) and taenite (a mineral that occurs naturally on Earth, mainly in iron meteorites )).

According to the jeweler Ryan Atlas, meteorite rings are special about their natural patterns, which are the result of the growth of nickel-iron crystals as the heated meteorite cools very slowly over millions of years. The resulting crystalline pattern is very distinct and unique. Jeweler Johan Rust compares a meteorite ring with a snowflake: no two are alike. “Meteorite is a perfect material to integrate into a ring and to make it something extraordinary. After all, finding the perfect partner is a pretty astronomical feat! ”

Meet the expert

  • Ryan Atlas is an experienced jeweler. He oversees all aspects of the jewelry design process at Brilliant Earth.
  • Johan Rust is the master jeweler and innovator behind Jewelry by Johan.

Are you thinking of wearing a meteorite on your finger? Ahead of us, Atlas and Rust explain everything there is to know about meteorite wedding rings.

Advantages and disadvantages of meteorite rings

Given that the material is rarer than platinum, meteorite jewelry comes at a surprisingly modest price. Rust says, “Pricing depends on the ring metal, the amount of meteorites, and other materials in a design.” Expect to pay around $ 400 for a thinner meteorite ring with an inlay made from an alternative metal. Precious metal meteorite rings are closer to $ 1,000.

In terms of durability, Atlas says that meteorite rings originally came from the core of an extinct planet. A few billion years ago, jewelry was extremely strong and resilient. Rust agrees and says, “Meteorite is made up of metal elements, mainly metallic iron-nickel, which in and of itself makes it very hard and durable. When placed in a ring made of tungsten, titanium or some other hard metal, it makes a ring who withstands the tests of time. ”

However, a disadvantage is that meteorite tends to oxidize because it contains a large amount of iron. “As part of Brilliant Earth’s production standards, we apply a protective layer to the meteorite material to protect it from moisture,” assures Atlas.

What to look for in a meteorite ring

Here are some questions and answers you should know before choosing a meteorite ring.

  • Which metals go best with meteorites? “Meteorite has a natural, beautiful texture and its banding gives each ring a unique pattern of swirling shades of gray. To complement this natural texture and surface, we like to combine it with a clean metal like white tungsten, which focuses on the meteorite, or a strong metal like black tungsten, which creates a contemporary look, ”explains Atlas.
  • Are there different types of meteorites? The three main types of meteorites are gibeon, which is an iron-nickel alloy that contains significant amounts of cobalt and phosphorus. Muonionalusta, an iron meteorite; and Lunar, which is known to have originated on the moon.
  • How can I incorporate meteorites into a custom ring design? “Customers come in with an existing ring design from another jewelry store, and then we work together to find a way to incorporate meteorites into it to create a completely unique piece,” explains Rust from personal experience. “This includes adding bezel diamonds in a meteorite inlay and using faceted meteorite stones for engagement rings.”

How to care for a meteorite ring

“Meteorite material is not something to be worn inattentively,” warns Rust. However, rust can be prevented by protecting your ring with wax or oil, avoiding immersion in water, and regularly cleaning and drying your ring with rubbing alcohol.

He also recommends using a toothbrush and regular toothpaste to remove rust or dirt. Next, soak your ring in some alcohol to dry out any moisture. Finally, seal the meteorite with a little oil to protect it from rust in the future.

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