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Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Wedding Guide: Peterborough Bakery is getting their Wedding Cake Game

Monadnock Ledger Transcript

Published: 02/26/2020 9:38:06 AM

This story was first published in our wedding guide, which was included in the Tuesday, February 25th issue of the Monadnock Ledger Transcript.

At an invitation-only party earlier this month, Baker’s Station hosted its first annual wedding cake tasting event at Waterhouse Restaurant in Peterborough.

“The goal is to introduce people to what we can do for weddings, parties and receptions,” said Bakery Manager Keith Herrick. “This is the first year so we’ll do it again.”

The four cakes on display at the tasting were inspired by the seasons in their decoration and flavors, he said. “I thought New Hampshire was famous for our seasons, so we should pull this through the seasons.”

Inspired by one of its bakers, Herrick said, Baker’s Station is increasing its wedding cake production from a total of about 40 last year to 40 cakes per month in 2020.

“We’ve never really made a lot of cakes in the bakery before,” said Herrick. “I’m a great baker and I love making pastries, but I hate making wedding cakes. The stress was just too much for me to have so many other things to do. “

But when baker Amy Niles came to the staff about a year ago, her expertise in wedding cakes and her love for them was evident.

“It was a natural evolution from where we were to where we wanted to move,” he said. “To be able to change it and watch it grow, from maybe one or two cakes a month to 6 or 7 cakes a week. And every time one of those cakes runs out, number one, I know it’s gorgeous and number two, I know the cake itself tastes amazing. “

At her previous bakery, Niles created 50 to 60 wedding cakes a week.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time. I worked at a bakery in Rhode Island, ”Niles said at the event. “I really love making cakes.”

Niles is also great for clients when it comes to helping them design their wedding cake, Herrick said. Lots of customers come in without a specific topic, he said.

“A lot of brides these days are looking for something beyond a cake,” said Niles. “Either they don’t want a cake at all or they want something beyond that – they want a whole table or they want an option that is gluten-free or vegan. So we have a lot of options for you. We can make the cake gluten free or we can make a vegan cake. “

“She’s great. She raised us. I can’t even tell you how much,” he said.

Baker’s Station offers cake tastings for $ 25. So you can privately try the different combinations of cakes like whites, chocolate and spices, as well as the different frostings, to see if you want American or Italian buttercream.

“This is how you get a sample of different types of cakes and frosting,” Herrick said. “And when you book with us, we’ll save $ 25 off the cake price.”

Baker’s Station is located in Depot Square in downtown Peterborough. The bakery can be reached at 784-5653.


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