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More complaints about defunct wedding catering companies in the northeast

Additional reports were sent to Trading Standards about a defunct wedding catering company.

There were misconduct allegations by Salt and Sauce and its parent company Gilbert and Joseph, which were officially dissolved on March 26th.

The Evening Express previously spoke to five brides who were shocked and panicked by the sudden closure of the company they’d booked for their big day.

Several reported the company and its managing director, Chris Tonner, to Police Scotland, and one had filed a complaint with the Commercial Standards Department of Aberdeen City Council.

Now, since the end of last week, another five reports have been submitted to Trading Standards in the city council.

A spokeswoman for Aberdeen City Council said: “So far there have been a total of six complaints to Trading Standards regarding Gilbert & Joseph Ltd, which are sold as salt and sauce.”

Aberdeenshire Council announced that no reports on the company have been made to the Commercial Standards Department.

It is understood that Police Scotland is still investigating the couples’ reports.

Some of those affected claim that Mr Tonner closed the business without their knowledge and left them without a caterer for their big day.

Two of the couples also showed the Evening Express evidence of bills for payments the company sent both the day before and several weeks after the company’s collapse.

Many of those affected found this out through their venue or through a social media page in a Facebook group.

Neither Mr. Tonner nor representatives of the company could be reached for comment.

A bride who had left the company for £ 3,000 out of pocket reported this to the police.

She described the police as “really good” when she visited on Thursday and hopes justice will be done.

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She said, “I know we probably won’t get our money back, but I just hope he’ll have to face the consequences of what he’s done to so many people.”

Hannah Rochford, who has also paid money to the company and has since contacted the police, was shocked at the number of people who came forward to report the company to trade standards or the police.

She said, “The police were great with me when they came to see me, but now it’s just a matter of getting as many people as possible to come forward to report what happened to them.”


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