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Nightmare moment when a best man temporarily loses his wedding rings on the altar after dropping them

Without this ring … I married you: nightmare moment when a best man temporarily loses his wedding rings on the altar after dropping them during the service

  • Best man James was captured when he accidentally dropped his friend’s wedding rings
  • He dropped it on the altar in Ocean View Estate, Queensland, last October
  • The best man got up to pick her up when the audience gasped and laughed
  • Videographer Geoff Schatzel said the couple and the bridal party made fun of it

A best man started a desperate battle to pick up a pair of wedding rings after dropping them during a ceremony.

The man’s nightmare was captured on camera when best man James lost the rings while standing at the altar at his friend’s wedding last October.

His friends Kate and Troy were celebrating their special day at Ocean View Estates Winery north of Brisbane when the best man made the funny slip up.

Geoff Schatzel, director at Motion Art Wedding Videography, filmed the service and said the accident caused “a good laugh”.

“It was one of those spontaneous wedding moments that you have been telling stories about for years,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

Every groomsman’s nightmare came true when best man James (picture 2 from right) dropped the wedding rings at his friend’s ceremony last October

Kate and Troy (pictured) were shocked when their best man dropped the rings on the altar, but the bridal party was in a good mood and laughed at the accident

“It was a nice sunny day, I think they had about 80 guests, and it was just a really nice open moment,” said Schatzel.

The footage showed the celebrant asking James to hold up the rings and he reached into his pocket and proudly pulled out a small ring box.

He smiled and fumbled with the box before the rings rattled on the floor.

The crowd immediately gasped and laughed as members of the bridal party looked in the face at James’ awkwardness.

“I’ve never seen a groomsman drop a ring, but as you can see from the video it was a great response,” said Schatzel.

“Even the celebrant had a really good laugh, the bride had a great laugh, and the group had a great laugh about it.”

James was seen bending over to pick up the rings with the help of a groomsman while the celebrant warned him “there are indeed cracks in the floor”.

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The videographer who captured the mishap (picture) said it was a “nice moment” and made for a “fun ceremony”. The audience laughed and the celebrant joked about the accident

“Oh no, imagine, James,” laughed the bride.

“Buddy, your big job almost went out the door. I think he lost his job, ”joked the celebrant.

The stunt earned the audience laughter and scattered applause as Troy slapped his red-faced best man on the back.

“That wasn’t even a joke,” James replied.

Mr. Schatzel said the moment did not phase the happy couple and they continued to have “a fun ceremony”.

“The bride and groom are just great people, and they played along too. They toasted the groomsmen a bit when it happened.

“You could see how close the whole bridal party was because they all had a big laugh and wiped it off,” explained Schatzel.

The bride and groom (pictured) laughed at his clumsiness and brushed off the incident

The bride and groom (pictured) laughed at his clumsiness and brushed off the incident



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