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Noémie designers talk about the resurgent popularity of vintage wedding rings

Noémie presents a classic wedding ring.

“When shopping their wedding rings, people want a personalized luxury experience and feel part of the creative process. Off-the-shelf serial products are no longer so exciting. “

When designing their wedding rings, newlyweds are increasingly paying attention to the motifs, materials and aesthetic sensations of the past. Many historical styles have an undeniable simplicity that men and women so often seek in both clothing and jewelry. Vintage designs keep popping up in engagement rings today, but the eye-catching elements and simplicity of certain historical styles also influence the design of wedding rings. In a recent blog post titled “Vintage Inspired Wedding Bands Back in Style,” experts at handcrafted jewelry design house Noémie discuss vintage wedding ring styles that are becoming increasingly popular.

Wedding rings have an extensive and storied history that goes back thousands of years. While the material and design constantly change over time, the commitment and passion that a wedding ring symbolizes remains unchanged. Accordingly, a lot of thought and care has gone into designing this jewelry. For couples looking for a design that evokes the timeless elegance of yesteryear, the unique styles that defined certain historical periods are a great source of inspiration.

In the blog post, Noémie’s experts describe trendy historical styles from the early 19th century to newer vintage styles like Art Deco, Retro, Edwardian and Art Nouveau. The oldest and perhaps most basic wedding ring style described in the blog post is the eternity band. With roots going back to ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures, this ancient style, in which a snake originally swallowed its own tail, is now often adorned with precious stones that encompass the entire wedding ring.

Wedding rings have been handcrafted for thousands of years, but in the late Victorian era, coupled with the increased availability and popularity of diamonds, wedding rings began to be made in large quantities. Nowadays, mass-produced wedding bands are the norm, but large retailers simply cannot match the quality and craftsmanship of jewelers like Noémie, who handcraft every piece of jewelry they make. The preponderance of mass jewelry is a fundamental part of why companies like Noémie are so popular with couples looking for something bespoke to express their love. About this dynamic Noémie CEO, Yuvi Alpert says:

“When shopping their wedding rings, people want a personalized luxury experience and feel part of the creative process. Off-the-shelf serial products are no longer so exciting. “

As the unique and diverse styles of the past grow in popularity, couples and jewelers seek to pay homage to the design elements that have defined different eras in history. Continuing the ancient origins of the eternity bracelet and inspired by the popular Art Deco styles of the early 20th century, Noémie sells a vintage-style eternity ring with 14 white diamonds in an 18-carat gold bezel. Interested readers can browse Noémie’s selection of handcrafted jewelry, learn more about the Art Deco-inspired eternity ring, or consult with a Noémie designer about creating a custom piece of jewelry at

Noémie is based on the belief that the journey is as expensive as the destination and creates precious jewelry for life every moment. We create handmade jewelry that will last a long time. Tired of the markups and middlemen typical of traditional retailers, we’ve developed our own model to design, source, build and sell directly to you. Our hands shape every step of the process to promise timeless pieces for life.

You can find more information at, on Instagram at @Hello_Noemie and on Pinterest.

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