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Norfolk wedding planner looks forward to seeing couples tie the knot news

Boris Johnson has announced when weddings could take place again

Couples in Norfolk could enjoy their dream weddings from JuneAuthor: Beth PriddingPublished on February 23, 2021
Last updated on February 23, 2021

Brides and grooms in Norfolk and Suffolk could soon be walking down the aisle after the Prime Minister retired his roadmap last night.

It was a tough time for couples putting their big day on hold, but Boris Johnson has now offered a glimmer of hope – claims that weddings could resume as early as April, despite a maximum of 15 guests allowed.

As of June 21, however, the number of guests at weddings could no longer be limited – as long as the government’s four tests are met.

Kerry Ellis is a Norwich wedding planner and owns Epic Event Hire.

“What I hope now is that the dates can’t move that fast and people can actually enjoy finally getting married and we can start to see some celebrations and ceremonies.

“It’s so exciting to have weddings again.

“No matter how small the ceremony is, it’s amazing to actually do a wedding. The overwhelming luck for people to try the knot made these celebrations wonderful.”

Under lockdown restrictions, weddings were only allowed in exceptional circumstances, e.g. B. when a person is terminally ill.

The Prime Minister announced that from April 12, wedding receptions with up to 15 people will be allowed at the earliest. That number will increase to 30 on May 17th – as long as previous relaxations are successful.

It is hoped that the number of guests at weddings will be eliminated altogether from June 21st.

It was a difficult time for the wedding industry, too – everyone from planners to florists struggled to weather the pandemic and the festivities were suspended.

Kerry added:

“I compared it to a roller coaster. I like roller coasters, but I definitely wanted to get out of this last year.

“I think the hardest part was stopping, starting. When we were going in the right direction, we felt like we were just stepping back. And seeing what it did to other people in the industry was difficult. “

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