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Pamela Anderson had a vegan wedding cake at her private ceremony


Pamela Anderson married her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst in a private wedding ceremony over the December vacation. The couple fell in love during the quarantine and the event took place on Vancouver Island, Canada. It offered a vegan menu with a two tier wedding cake for the new couple.

Pamela has long been an outspoken vegan advocate. She has experience promoting plant-based dining options in prisons, bringing vegan handbags and accessories to market, and even telling Piers Morgan at Good Morning Britain that vegans have better “stamina” in the bedroom. It’s no surprise that on their wedding day, the menu would include plant-based options.

The couple married in Pamela’s Vancouver Island home, a property they bought from their grandparents 25 years ago. According to an exclusive report from The Daily Mail, Pamela viewed the location of her wedding as a good omen for what was to come.

“I was married on the property I bought from my grandparents 25 years ago. My parents were married here and they’re still together. I feel like the circle has come full circle,” she said.

While no family or friends attended the private ceremony, Pamela and Dan still celebrated with a proper wedding cake. In her case it was a vegan two-tier coconut cake topped with a glass deer ornament, a small tree figure, a white carnation and a glittering heart. The cake was frosted with white icing and served in a glass case.

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