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Publix helps make the bride’s dream wedding cake a reality

The couple’s original plans for their wedding changed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

MINNEAPOLIS – Weddings and wedding plans have changed drastically for many people due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it was switching venues and guest lists, or even postponing the big day, weddings in 2020 were different.

For a couple, this meant the opportunity to tie the knot without a very special item – a Publix wedding cake that was high on their list.

“When Ben and I first got engaged, it was a breeze to have a Publix cake at our wedding,” the newly wed Erin Cohen told WINK News.

The couple originally planned to get married in Erin’s hometown of Coral Springs, but that all changed with COVID-19, The Palm Beach Post reported. Instead, they quickly turned their plans to Ben’s childhood home for a backyard wedding in Minneapolis. Another element of change – many friends and family watched as the couple did not get married in person but lived through Zoom.

Even so, the question of how to get a Publix cake remained as there were no places near them in Minnesota and Erin’s parents were unable to attend the wedding and bring the cake, WINK News reported.

Then the couple got creative and tried to reverse engineer their dream wedding cake. However, despite multiple attempts, this dream turned into a nightmare. Then Erin was interviewed by the Associated Press about her dream wedding cake.

As soon as the word got out, Publix quickly got wind of the mystery surrounding the couple’s confectionery. And then heroes came in aprons, not cloaks, to help.

“When Publix read this story and learned what we were trying to do, they tried hard to make Erin’s dream come true, and we took the chance,” Ben told WINK News.

The grocery chain sent the couple everything they needed to make their cake a reality, including buttercream frosting, pre-baked cake layers, spatuals, a turntable for icing the cake, and decorative gum paste flowers from Publix’s Lakeland headquarters, Fla. Palm Beach Post reports .

To top it off, Publix’s head baker helped walk them through the cake assembly and decorate them via a live video call, both outlets reported.

“It was really amazing,” said Erin WINK. “It was the Friday before our Sunday wedding and it really started the wedding weekend.”

“It really raised something to what became a backyard wedding, and it just turned out to be a whole different celebration. It was really something special, ”Ben said to WINK.

According to WINK News, Publix also sent a replica wedding cake for Erin’s parents to their Coral Springs home to celebrate the special occasion.

Publix is ​​helping couples make a dream wedding cake after failing to get one due to COVID-19 // (made available to WINK News)

– WINK News (@winknews) September 4, 2020

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