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Queen Victoria’s 300 pound wedding cake set a big new trend for brides

Layers of cake, every artfully embellished with icing and stacked on prime of each other, are a staple of many trendy weddings. The second when the newlyweds reduce their first piece of marriage ceremony cake is a well-liked picture alternative, a practice that goes again to the British royal household. Cake was nothing new to weddings within the nineteenth century; it has been a part of the marriage ceremony since historic occasions. The Romans crumbled a cereal cake over the bride’s head, and in medieval England the bride and groom kissed over a confectionery constituted of small, stacked buns.

The marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in 1840 took up this previous custom and made one thing new out of it. Her cake was huge: three flooring of English plum cake that was 14 inches tall, practically 3 ft vast, and weighed 300 kilos. (Uncover the love story behind Queen Victoria’s Crown Jewels.)

The peak of Queen Victoria’s cake was a novelty: most conventional English muffins on the time have been single-layered. Meals historians imagine the queen needed her cake to mirror a French affect that had turn out to be common in England. The origins of high-rise cake return to pre-revolutionary France when cooks started to prepare dinner extra ornamental and vertical. After the revolution, stylish pastry cooks and pastry cooks left France for England, the place they and their craft have been adopted by the British higher class.


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