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Restaurant owner amazed at baker’s epic wedding cake failure

A chef and restaurant owner was stunned to have one wedding cake said “NO Inscription Please!” written above.

The baker’s italic text mistake was shared on Twitter by the amused restaurateur before the bride saw it.

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Jen Royle, the Boston-based chef and owner of Table by Jen Royle and Table Mercato, shared a photo of the white, frozen carrot cake with her 30,000+ Twitter followers.

“The wedding cake has arrived @TableBoston for today’s event. Yeah, well …” she captioned the picture.

The chef went on to explain that they could save the cake by peeling off the text and having the florist cover it with flowers before the bride could see the epic flaw.

“Oh, it’s real. We’re all dying,” she added.

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Twitter users were in disbelief at how literally the baker followed the bride and groom’s instructions to forego text. Hundreds of comments ranged from “Omg, this is amazing” to “Sorry, but this is hysterical”.

“Has anyone laughed with you? I don’t know how I would react if I were in your shoes,” wrote one user.

“That can’t be real, I’m a cake decorator and I’ve never been so dull,” weighed another baker.

“One of the best things I’ve ever seen …” agreed another viewer, and a fourth reviewer joked, “Hahaha, captain literally, must have been the decorator.”

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