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Scheana Shay shares she was a bridesmaid because her wedding planner was ‘f ** ked up’ (but the planner blames her)

Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay still doesn’t seem to be getting a break from the newlyweds moment she had with Michael Shay during their 2014 wedding.

Scheana Shay, Michael Shay | Nicole Weingart / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

And while she says the wedding was unraveled because of her wedding planner, Danielle Rothweiler, Rothweiler accuses Shay of failing to understand that the producers had their own timeline for filming.

A fan recently watched the wedding episode and tweeted that Shay was a little over the top on her wedding day. But Shay replied, “If your wedding planner is literally capturing your entire timeline and the meaningful moment you wanted, you get a little pissed off.”

Scheana Shay’s wedding planner blamed the bride for the mishaps

Rothweiler said she had worked with film teams in the past so she knew the producers had their own timeline.

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“Work with [Scheana] The preparation for their wedding was great, “Rothweiler told Enstars in 2015.” It was fine. We went out in New York for dinner and drinks when she was out here. Actually, the wedding day was fine until 3pm when they started filming. Then everything went wrong. ”

Close friend Ariana Madix agreed that the wedding planning went well. “[Scheana] was really super chilled throughout the planning for her wedding, ”she tweeted.

“Look, my wedding was for four weddings,” Rothweiler continued. “I know what happens to television and producers. They don’t care about their timeline. ”

“You’re throwing everything behind you,” she added. “That’s exactly how it works. And [Scheana] should have known that. I think she thought her wedding was going to be different, but the producers said, “Oh, I’m sorry … you wanted to start at 6pm? Well, the producers still have to film something. “

Scheana Shay admits she had a bride villa moment

Rothweiler said while she could empathize with Shay, she also noticed that a large portion of the wedding was covered for free. “But the other part of me is that she got $ 90,000 worth of things for free,” she said.

“If that’s what you want, you’ve got to make a deal with the devil [laughs]She added. “The devil is production. This is what happens when you show your wedding on TV. Producers will do what they have to to get the show on sale. You can’t get mad they become because that is their job. “

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Shay admitted that she had a breakdown during the wedding. “Looking back at the wedding, I found that there were some parts of the day and night that I looked like a super bridesmaid,” she told Bravo.

“I don’t like looking so completely rude and ungrateful, but it was my wedding and every bride wants her wedding to go perfectly,” she admitted. “At the end of the day it didn’t matter, it was beautiful. I was there with my family, my great husband and all my friends and it was a beautiful night. “


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