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Shock of the guests over very rude wedding cake

It’s the wedding cake where guests talked to each other for the wrong reasons.

Bride and groom decided on an out of this world theme for their wedding and decided to have extraterrestrial figures on their celebratory cake.

But while the unusual cake was beautifully made with very intricate details, some diners couldn’t help but notice that the three figures above looked a little, um, phallic.

“The bride and groom loved their cake!” wrote a guest and shared the picture on Facebook.

“There should be aliens on the cake for a wedding that is out of this world!

“Maybe it’s just me, but I think the toppers look a little rude! What do you think?”

The naughty wedding cake went viral on Facebook. Credit: That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming / Facebook

Social media users quickly agreed and flooded the post with humorous responses.

“Penises wear kilts. I’ve officially seen everything, ”commented one.

“I laughed for five minutes,” said another.

Many thought the cake toppers looked like penises. Credit: That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming / Facebook

One thing that many could agree on was the beautiful detailing of the cake.

“Say what you like, that’s nice fondant work on those penises,” added another.

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