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Should you offer an additional dessert course if you are already serving wedding cake?

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One of the easiest and arguably most fun decisions to make when planning a wedding is the desserts that are served during the reception. But it’s not just wedding cake flavors that you need to choose. Dessert tables have become hugely popular, and even if you are planning on serving a beautiful, tiered wedding cake, you may be wondering if there are a number of other sweet treats to offer. Ultimately, the decision is yours: you are in no way expected to have a full selection of additional desserts, but guests will definitely eat them when they are there. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your dessert menu options.

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It’s a nice touch when you know multiple guests have food allergies

Food allergies and dietary restrictions are more common than ever. So, if you know that some of your guests can’t eat a piece of traditional wedding cake, it might be nice to have something different after dinner for them to enjoy. Consider a “dessert bar” with a variety of mini-desserts – including gluten-free and non-dairy options – for your family and friends to choose from.

It’s a lovely way to celebrate your love for dessert

If you or your future spouse really love dessert, why not make it a spectacle? Trust us when we say no one is going to complain that there are too many dessert options at a wedding. Along with the wedding cake, you can offer biscuits, cupcakes, cakes or even ice cream or milkshakes. The possibilities are endless. You can also consider a dessert reception that only offers candy.

You can combine desserts with a special drink

You can even consider offering a dessert wine during your reception’s dessert class. It’s something that fewer people are exposed to, and it could be a fun way to teach your guests something new. A juicy milkshake, spiked coffee or hot chocolate, or even regular old coffee and tea are also valued additions.


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